Kakaduu flash cards are ideal to extend the vocabulary of your toddlers and to introduce them to the world of speaking.

Kakaduu flash cards

  • 50 animal flash cards in 5 color coded categories

  • ideal to learn and extend your child`s first word pool

  • developed together with Montessori teachers

  • printed on environmental friendly material

  • big card size (80 x 120mm) with rounded corners

  • convenient card box, suitable for children

  • description in 5 languages


My first words - animals

50 animal flash cards

Meine Ersten Worte - Tiere
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Some little ones are more early in language development and some need more time. It is important, that they find joy in learning the language.

Why Kakaduu?

A beautiful way to extend your child`s vocabulary...

Children are mostly learning language by them self,but we can always be there as support and do our best to help them understand the world of language a bit better.

card box

Our card box comes in a beautiful design and enables a quick and easy access for your cards. Kakaduu flash cards are therefor the ideal flash cards to learn the first words with your toddlers, either at home or on the way.


optimized for small hands

Our flash cards are oversized (80 x 120mm) and do have rounded corners, so also small children can hold them.


color coded

Use our 5 color coded categories to learn the first words step-by-step. It will be easier for your little ones to get an overview about the words.


For our little ones and our environment

Kakaduu flash cards are EN71 and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. We commit for a better future for our children.

A daily routine is very important for children. Kakaduu flash cards can become a fun and educational element of this routine.


My first words - food

Explain to your little one what they’re going to see on a certain card.You can also make a story to try and explain it! Slow and clear pronunciation is important.